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Plant The Seed

A social media campaign called ‘Plant The Seed’ is soon to be launched by a dedicated group of Year 11 students as part of their involvement in the Western Sydney University (WSU) Masterclass Competition.

Catherine McAuley Student Leaders Send Video Messages of Support to All Students

The Catherine McAuley Student Leaders have been using the private student Instagram page and the Compass school notices platform to send messages of support to all students.

Year 7 Students Reflect On Their First Term At High School

Year 7 students reflect on how they have found their first term at high school.

Thank You Message For Teachers

Friday 30th October 2020 was World Teachers’ Day! A day for teachers to celebrate and be proud of the work that they do. Catherine McAuley students recorded a message for their teachers.

Build It Up CMAC

Meet the CMAC Construction Girl! She is the logo for the new student leader school initiative for 2020/2021 and she holds a lego tile with the theme for all students to follow ‘Build It Up CMAC’.

Year 7 Students Learn About Being Cyber Wise

Senior Constable Dusan Dakic, Police Liaison Officer for Catherine McAuley, spoke to Year 7 students last week about being 'Cyber Wise', as part of the Year 7 Peer Support Program.


Mercy Day 2020

Mercy Day is a special day at Catherine McAuley Westmead as the annual event where the school can celebrate our foundation as a school based on Mercy values - social justice, hospitality, courage, integrity and excellence.

Year 10 Students Learn About Road Safety

Year 10 students are currently considering acquiring their learner’s driving permit and many will soon obtain their provisional licence. Considering this, it is timely that the PDHPE Department organised for all Year 10 students to take part in the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program (RYDA) on Friday, 7th August.

Student Leaders Reach Out To Isolated Students

With the majority of students learning from home remotely during Covid 19 the student leaders at Catherine McAuley Westmead have continued in their leadership roles making videos for students and posting daily messages on the school’s intranet. Watch the video...






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